— April 26, 2019

Of all the formulas we analyzed, InvisiCrepe Body Balm is the only one that offers a complete solution for crepey skin.

So, it’s no wonder the average online rating for this formula is an incredible 4.9 stars — which is practically unheard of in skincare.

According to many users, InvisiCrepe Body Balm was the first solution that got rid of their crepey skin — after seeing little to no improvement from other products.

We were lucky to score an exclusive interview with Victoria Renee — Director of Research at City Beauty, expert on crepey skin, and the mind behind InvisiCrepe Body Balm:

“Most of my first time clients mistakenly believe there’s nothing that can fix aging skin on the body”

“A week later they come back with happy tears…”

“Telling me they’re comfortable wearing tanks-tops and low-cuts once again.” – Victoria

Crepey skin wasn’t on Victoria’s mind when she stumbled upon the solution.

Instead, Victoria’s research was focused on a skin condition called Transepidermal Water-Loss.

It starts around the time you hit 40, when your skin’s outer layer produces fewer skin cells.

Without new cells to replace old ones, cracks appear — allowing moisture to escape.

“To reverse crepey skin, you’ve got to lock-in moisture by repairing the skin-barrier.”

“We’ve been able to do this with a plant-based compound called DL Lipids.”

“It’s been tested and proven to thicken the skin’s outer layer, reduce water loss, and significantly boost hydration — because each molecule carries up to 15x its weight in water” — Victoria

But dry skin is just one symptom of crepey skin.

The other key to reversing crepey skin is adding volume back into thinning skin.

Thinning skin is the reason why it looks fragile and weak…

Giving your skin the crinkly, “tissue-paper” texture.

Fortunately, Victoria found a way to combine DL Lipids with another breakthrough ingredient proven to repair thin skin.

It’s a natural polymer found in oat kernels and studies show it generated a massive increase in fibroblasts, the cells that produce collagen.

And more collagen not only thickens, but also firms and tightens your skin.

At this point, she had a formula for dry, crinkly skin you can use anywhere on the body that can effectively repair dry skin, erase wrinkles & fine lines, and add volume to thin skin.

Victoria gave us an exclusive inside look at how she tested the formula:

She gave the formula to 30 different women and tracked their results over 12-weeks.

After just one use, users said their skin looked smoother, firmer, and more youthful.

But the results from continued use were even more dramatic.

The women reported that the skin on their body looked more elastic or “springy”.

“Some women come to me crying because they finally feel like themselves again, they finally don’t feel like they have to hide or keep covered up”

“It’s incredibly empowering to feel good about your body after years of shame and embarrassment”

One woman said: “I was embarrassed to wear shorts because my thighs were crepey.”

“I noticed a difference almost immediately.” “My legs no longer look crepey and now I wear shorts whenever I want and feel great about it!”

“I was blown away by the response, it was beyond my own expectations”

“My clients come to me with before and after pictures that look unreal” — Victoria

“Because the results are so amazing, I feel an obligation with InvisiCrepe Body Balm… It’s become my mission to give every woman the freedom to enjoy their bodies again” — Victoria

Mary’s Experience

“I’m not much of a cream girl, so I wasn’t expecting too much”

“Day 1, I put it on everywhere that morning and noticed it had a nice consistency. But I was wearing my usual long-sleeves so I forgot about it all day”

“That night, I saw myself in the mirror and was amazed at the improved texture of my skin.”

“After week 1, there was a huge difference on my neck and chest.”
“I no longer felt self-conscious wearing a V-cut to the office – which is great because spring is around the corner and I can’t wait to go shopping for new clothes”

“By Day 7, and I feel like a renewed woman. Thank you so much Victoria! I’m definitely stocking up on this while I can”

But Victoria tells us she has encountered a new, different problem. Word spread quickly since the release of InvisiCrepe, and demand skyrocketed.

And right now, Insighter Tips readers save 18% on InvisiCrepe Body Balm.

With limited production capabilities, she anticipates selling out quickly.

“If you’re considering investing in this unique formula, now is your only chance to get it”

“The promotion is generating such a media frenzy that we’re going to be out of production for at least 6 months”

“That means you’ll have to wait until the end of the year before it becomes available again” — Victoria

“If you’re tired of being crepey skin on your neck, chest, arms or legs… you need to try InvisiCrepe. It could change your life” — Victoria

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