— April 26, 2019

This product is designed to provide lasting hydration — and it does a fantastic job. Many women absolutely swear by this product — and it comes highly recommended on several chatboards.

The only shortcoming? The effects on wrinkles and sagging are minimal.

I was impressed to see this formula used the same exact high-quality hydration blend as InvisiCrepe Body Balm.

And they use proteins from the Resurrection Plant to help your skin hold in moisture.

This team clearly did their research. But unfortunately, there are no ingredients to support your skin’s protein matrix. And without that, it can’t do much for your wrinkles or sagging.

Does it work?

The reviews for this product are stellar. They mainly gush over the deep, lasting hydration.

And in a user group, 92% of users experienced an improvement in moisture retention within just one day.

Unfortunately, very few reviewers mentioned improvements in their wrinkles or sagging. So, if those are your biggest skin concerns, then this may not be the right option for you. Instead, you may prefer a more well-rounded solution like InvisiCrepe Body Balm.